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Dare I Say It? Yes. I think I will.


That's right. I went to PROM!

And I gotta say, we was the coolest bitches there. Who was the first group on the dance floor? We were. Who had the highest energy first? We did. Who got the most action shots from the photographer? We did. Who got randomly party-boyed by random guys we didn't even really know? WE DID xD.

Actually, there first time with the party-boying, all of us just kinda stopped and stared. Second time, it was like a PARTY!


My best friend Kaitlin and I started talking about what we'd tell our kids about our prom. You see, our group was made up of a consistent five girls (me, Kaitlin, Heather, Jade, and Alanna) with Justin (mein date! w00t), Kevin (who is made of awesome), Zack (who I didn't even realize was there until he started dancing with us), and...the random guys. SO! Since we were mostly girls, we danced with mostly girls.

"What'd I do at my first prom? Well, I became a lesbian! :D"

WE MADE PEOPLE THINK WE WERE DRUNK WHEN WE HADN'T BEEN DRINKING! Apparently, we even looked it, somehow. Maybe they spiked the chocolate fountain. Mmmm, chocolate.


I'm pretty sure that if you've noticed the weather for the USA, you've probably noticed the decently sized blob of clouds that were rolling over the eastern US yesterday. And, y'know, I'm in West Virginia which was totally included in that blob. We had yesterday called off for snow as well as today.

What is the problem, you ask?

Remember that website I was working on with ~estaticlilchick? Yeah, the letter for the entry had to be postmarked by today. We had it ready yesterday, but Mother Nature told us we fail. Deciding to use the time, we kept working on it and figured we'd just upload it today, and all would be well. But there is no school today. Our teacher cannot upload the site without being at school. The school is in control of the school server. Which we can't get to.


Luckily, we can just submit the handy-dandy page for the Technical Center (which will link to our site) for ze stuff. So we're golden as long as we have school tomorrow WHICH WE WILL! YOSH!

On a cheerier note, I got my prom dress in the mail yesterday. It's purple with a couple gold designs on it. We just need to get a petticoat or something for it so the bottom poofs out like it's supposed to. It's really pretty :3


So I went to the mall yesterday to find more purple clothes for the school musical and actually found some this time. I got a couple shirts, a purse, and some purple skinny jeans XD I still need to practice walking in my high heels so I can learn to dance in them; their purple and green plaid :3 The purse I got was a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends one, and it's so pretty...I such a loser about stuff like this. I got a prom dress too, but that was actually this morning on ze eBay. It's deep purple and goes FOOF at the bottom. Yeah, I know it's purple, but I'm wearing it for the play too. MY LIFE IS SO PATHETIC TT-TT

I'll put up some pictures or something later if anyone wants to see, I guess.

If anyone wants to tell me I fail, simply click It's not finished just yet; the content is still being worked on. The layout is pretty much final, though (except the links are weird because I don't have the images for them yet). But, yeah, go ahead. Knocketh thy self outeth.

I feel like there was somthing else I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it was...sooo...NEVERMIND :D


Hmm, so, I thought it'd be nice to make a random new journal, since I've been basically dead on here. I'm far more active on deviantART.com. Just because I know eveyone wants to know what the shit is going on. Just kidding. I know you don't really care.

I'm going into a webpage design competition with ~ecstaticlilchick and it's going pretty nicely, although we both procrastinate like MAD. Here's a shot for what it is so far ~~> [link] The deadline for it is the 22nd of this month and we haven't eve really been working on content. It's about our town's yearly Memorial Day celebration because a local happening was the topic. We're just that awesome. We're accepting contstructive critisism at this point in time. Eventually, it will be too late and you shall be denied

Uhm...what to say now...


*coughcough* Mmmkay, I'll shut up and go away now.

I'm not dead! w00t

Well, wow. Been a while, eh? Lessee...what's happened.... *flashback sequence*

Math field was a while ago, but not long ago enough. First was the county-wide competition where we didn't do anything. Everybody took the same test, so we high schoolers had more of a chance to get stuff right. It was a 10th-12th category for us, so there was some calculus mixed in. Everybody that showed up for our division got to go on though. We were supposed to have ten people on a team for regionals, but we had four.

Four. And two didn't show. So it was just me and Heather. We got our butts kicked by Mon and Marion...stupid M schools.

Then about a week ago I got about seventeen inches chopped off my hair. It's about to my shoulders now, and a helluva lot lighter. My sister had the supreme joy of hacking it off and layering it with a razor. Oddly, she also made a joke about dying my hair pink, thinking I would be horrified at the idea. However, I just started laughing because my friends have a nasty habit of calling me Sakura, after the pink-haired kunoichi of Naruto.

On that note, Saturday, at Trey's birthday party, I borrowed a forehead protector and put my hair up like Sakura. Of course, I was sitting on the ledge of his bathtub at the time, talking to three friends that were sitting inside it and one sitting on the sink. We decided that his bedroom was insane at the time, so we were chillin' in the bathroom. It was a fun party.

¡Viva el baño!

It's Christmas Time Again...

Well, staying up 'til friggen one in the morning on Christmas isn't exactly the smartest thing to do when one has a hyper-active eight-year-old brother.

I got a knock on the door from my dad at seven, telling me to get my sorry ass up so we can run and open presents. I was tired and utterly not pretty...not that I'm really ever pretty, but I like to sleep a lot, and I drool; I'm not going to deny it. Anyway, I went downstairs, knowing I wasn't getting much. I don't mind; my parents have to pay for a friggen trip to Europe for crying out loud. Nonetheless, I think 8:30 would've been a much more reasonable time. Anyway, I get down there to see seven presents with my name on them (give or take). I know what the majority of them are; my mom has a nasty little habit of forgetting I'm around when she's shopping. So, I'm down there, not ripping open packages nearly as enthusiastically as my brother but still ripping nonetheless. I get everything I said I wanted (within reason; no Wii) except for my bras...I was slightly saddened, but then my mom told me I had to be there to shop for them so they fit...

But what was the major gift that got me to "squee" fangirlishly? Why, Dirge of Cerberus, of course! All the kick-assedness of Vincent in a convenient little package! Plus, my mommy surprised me with the official strategy guide. I danced. That's the only thing I could possible type that would describe the odd series of motions that ensued. But, of course, as I was caressing my dear, dear video game, I get pelted with a balled up piece of tissue paper, my brother the culprit. Although I admit it was deserved; I had earlier pwned his ass with a mega-wad of wrapping paper. Thus, the annual Dougherty Paper Fight began.

After clean-up from the war, I went upstairs to deposit my stuff (hehe, stuff) in my room. I then realize I did not receive my toothbrush. We forgot the stockings! I ran back downstairs and viciously attacked the poor, over-sized sock. Within were two toothbrushes, some chocolate, and a pair of gloves. Returning to my room, I slept until eleven.

After waking up, showering, and putting on my brandy-dandy new pajamas (because it's tradition), we headed over to my aunt's house for the family Christmas. After sampling some odd ham and two kinds of meatballs (and spilling both all over myself), opened MORE presents. I got some truffles, a sewing kit, and $35.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself...

Fall Weekend! WOOHOO!

Okay, so I went to the Young Life Fall Weekend over the weekend. It was awesome! I totally met a bunch of people! I can only remember the names of...six of them! ...none of which were actually the ones I talked to all that much. Man, I'm so stupid. Anyway! For all the people out there in high school in West Virginia and certain parts of Pennsylvania that didn't go, you suck! Here's my take on the weekend (even though I was nicknamed Sleepy for always being the first to crawl into bed and stay there)!

We left the high school 'round 8:30-ish and got to Camp Caesar 'round 11. We bunked with a bunch of cool kids from Philip-Barbour (rock on). There were a whole buncha bunk beds...I ended up on bottom which was good because I'm terrified of heights. Then we went to a pizza party where I nearly passed out. Really, it was too late for that kind of stuff. But noooo, the night was not over. After that we went to a pre-Club. We had a "boot camp" of sorts. There was a "bear, hunter, ninja" competition (much like rock, paper, scissors), an exercise where we had to stab each other with our fingers, and a "duck and cover" game. That last one was a bunch of weird ways to get across the room to the opposite corner while other people are coming at you in all four directions (ex, crab-walking, hands and knees, wheelbarrow, log rolling). I thoroughly sprained my wrist at that point. Then we all killed each other for paper plates...it was awesome. Then we went to the actual Club where we sang, watched skits (like Molecular Man vs. Dr. Einstein, pronounced Eyen-steen), and played another game where girls tackled guys and had to fight over them. It was even AWESOMER! And then we had John somebody talk to us about God and the storms in our lives. It was cool too. Though, by the time we all went to bed it was 4 AM...and we got up about three and a half hours later.

Woke up waaaay too early. We went to breakfast which was a bunch of donuts and orange juice...then promptly wen to another Club because we all were running late. We didn't have pre-Club, just Club. Our game was a turkey launch...it was funny. We sang random songs, saw the next installment of Molecular Man, and listen to John again. I think that's when he talked about the lepers. By the time that was done, it was lunchtime! We had pancakes, eggs, sausage, and...chips. I found out that regular chips taste pretty good with ranch dip and syrup. After lunch, we were told to get into some old clothes that we didn't care about. Can you say 2006 Mud Wars? OH YEAH! I even made a mud angel, causing me to be entirely covered in mud. One of the leaders from PB, Alicia, gave me "hi-lights"...mud in hair. It wasn't very fun trying to get showers afterward though. We had two showers for twenty-two girls and no hot water. I ended up just washing off in the sink for the most part. And I ripped a gigantic hole in pants, causing them to be beyond repair. I slept for about three hours until dinner. We had mashed potatoes and that weird chicken gravy stuff over biscuits. Not bad for weird chicken gravy. Then we went to Club again. This time the game was a banana fight. Two girls one that one for sheer viciousness. One of them was a PB girl with a name that I cannot spell, so I shall simply call her Ran. Oh, and it was "Saturday Night Club" so there were a whole bunch more skits. The one I remember most was one with a couple truck drivers making a sandwich with food they'd randomly stashed on their bodies... Another one was a bunch of "old" people sitting around saying, "You was lucky!" and spitting on each other. Hilarious good fun. Then we had a ho-down sort of thing, leading to a bonfire, complete with marshmallow wars and flaming hot dogs. We went to bed way earlier. I'd saying about 11-11:30-ish. Nice sleeping, it was.

Woke up around 8:10, give or take. I started packing and had it all ready by the time breakfast came around. I even rolled up two other people's sleeping bags too! But for breakfast, we actually had breakfast, not donuts. We had French toast, sausage, biscuits, and gravy. MMMMM!!! Though they ran out of syrup, so I had to bum some off of Alan's plate. After that, we went back to the cabin to finish gathering up and clean. Us Graftonians just went ahead and loaded up the van (conveniently parked out in front). I swept the cabin for the simple reason of familiarity; I always sweep at band camp. Once everyone was all ready we headed off for one more Club. The game was "I'd Eat That Cracker". It was so nasty. They put mayonnaise, hot sauce, mushrooms, and a sardine on it. Some guy ate it. It was nasty to watch. We sang some more songs, including the camp theme song of Country Roads. Molecular Man and The Great Gardener (his sidekick) beat Dr. Einstein and effectively saved Camp Caesar. The Great Gardener opened up a can of whoop-ass all of the quack inventor of ham-loaf and beat him down with a couple of sticks. Finally, we heard from John for the last time. I can't remember exactly what he talked about; I just know it was some good, meaningful stuff about Christ that made me think. Once John was done, RD (the camp director) told us to break off into our groups. For some reason or another, Grafton and PB were always lumped together. I'm not complaining; I just found it odd. Either way, ends up, RD's from the PB area so he was there. We talked about weird schedule changes for Young Life and summer camp (which I so totally want to go to if it ends before the Europe trip). Then...we left. We Grafton kids loaded up into our two craptacular old people vans and left, following the PB bus until we stopped at a Sheetz, where quite a few of us got ice cream. Kaitlin told me I was weird, but I wasn't the only one eating cold stuff! HA! We got back on the vans, and we, being the four girls with Leader-Casey driving, totally PWNED the boys' van. They decided to go through Bridgeport while we took the overpass.

So then, we stopped at the high school, my mom picked me up, and here I am, the next day, typing about it and posting it to the world.

Ain't it grand?


Well, here I am again. Lessee...

Since I last wrote, I turned sixteen, had a weird-ass birthday party, gone to a bajillion football games, and started going to a youth group called Young Life. It would only make sense to elaborate on each of these occurances in order...I think.

Sixteen. Wow. Still no car nor driver's license. I'll get over it. However, amazingly, people actually remembered my birthday this year and screamed it randomly. Thankfully, Rucker never heard; the band doesn't even TRY to play it right. There are twenty different keys flowing and twenty different mistakes and twenty different tunes...and someone usually tries to sing it. It's really bad.

Birthday party. A friend, Justin, got stabbed with a nail sticking out of our treehouse. He's a genius. Alsooooo, there was an oddly placed light sabre fight in my back yard. OH! And we had a penguin piñata to smack into a thousand pieces. My mom got the penguin because she knew I'd enjoy killing it :) And I got a light-up Buddha. What more could I ask for?

Football games. Will be skipped until later.

Young Life. YES! SOMETHING TO DO ON THURSDAY! Anyway, it has to be coolest, awesomest, wackiest, most "fleather-pluckingly good time" I could ever have. This past Thursday, we even had a Halloween club. It was cool. Celeste, James, Lonzo, and Jonh had to bob for apples in cold baked beans. IT WAS HILARIOUS! And we played a game where we threw an apple but had to catch it on a fork. That fork was then tossed. Our group won even though our apple exploded. It was being held together purely by forks. And I totally drank almost half of Henry's coke at Burger King afterwards. ^__^

OKay, back to the football games. I think we're 7-3 or something. Way better than last year (6-6). We totally beat Bridgeport. And in Grafton, we could lose every other game, but if we beat Bridgeport, the team is forgiven. Bridgeport is pretty well hated around here. Last night, we beat Liberty 23-0. It was rainy and mushy and the bleachers were cold and dirty...and I dropped my coke under the bleachers. I was saddened. Although I never got to yell at the sousaphonist Heather and I met at RYLA, it was okay because we won. ...That sounds superficial. Maybe I shouldn't care. Oh well. We're going to the play-offs now. I'm still in the drumline for a little bit longer.

Which reminds me...we're starting concert season soon. Damn clarinet.

Kitty kitty kitty...

Okay, so our family spent the entire day meandering around the curvy backroads of West Virginia today. Our first stop (besides the gas station) was Blackwater Falls.

I swear there are not 214 stairs. I've counted multiple times.

Anyway, it was interesting. It was the first time my brother-in-law ever saw it, being the Floridian he is. He demanded to have a race back up the 200+ stairs. My dad told me to get our my cell phone and have 911 ready; someone would get hurt. However, no one did. My mom and I just came in dead last because her ankle hurt, and I'm a wimp. It happens. We promptly went thereafter went to the little store up there and got ice cream. It was awesome.

After that, we went to Canaan to ride the ski lifts. Enter problem: I'm TERRIFIED of ski lifts. My mom talked to me the entire way up there like I was a some little kid getting a shot; it didn't help. I still flipped out. I didn't get to walk on the trail at the top of the hill/mountain. My dad and I had to get a head start seeing as I flat-out refused to ride the lift back down. It was good fun regardless of all the mud. I only fell once!

Our last stop (before home) was Big Jonh's. I have no idea what the full name of the restaurant is; I just know they have some kick-ass pizza and an arcade. Sadly, my stomach had shrunk since my last visit. I nearly exploded after a nine inch pizza, four bread sticks, and a jalapeño popper. It was truly disappointing; I want some hand-dipped ice cream. Oh, well, qué será será.

Upon arriving home, I quickly went to my room to do my homework which consisted of outlining the background information about the Illiad in our text book and then reading Book 1. About half-way through, I was interrupted. Daisy, the cat of my sister who's currently living in our basement, had kittens. My God...kittens...on our back porch. They were so tiny! And Daisy looked like she suddenly got liposuction or something! IT WAS WEIRD! She apparently had them while we were gone, but my mom found them about a half an hour after we got back. She was hysterical. It was funny.

I have no snazzy line to put at the end of this one, so...you can just do without.

Beach Air

Well, just got back from Nag's Head. Lovely place, really. Except I don't really like the beach all that much. I'm just not a beach-going individual. However, we went to the Wright Brothers' Memorial, and that was cool.
I really am a geek, aren't I?

I love the science of it. They explain flight really well. I mean, all the other places just give a generic, "the wind makes it float" sort of explanation. They went in depth and even brought up what theories the Wright brothers used in their deductive reasoning.

Did you know that there's an airplane (one of the stealth ones) that can go 6,000 nautical miles without fuel?

One point for geekery. God, I love science. Expecially physics. It's so...real. OK, that's getting away from the point.

We also went to the aquarium. It kind of sucked though. There wasn't much. They had some sand tiger sharks, though. They looked weird. Oh, and they had a tank where you could pet rays...or a horseshoe crab. Those things are weird. They look like something that's extinct. Or should be.

Of course, we went to the beach. Well, I went twice, even though we got there on Saturday. The first time, I got beaten by waves. The second time, I got injured by a shell, and then I got burned because I wasn't allowed to leave yet. Tanning is stupid and pointless.

Usually, I was just the couch potato I am. I sat and watched TV. Ever notice places like that always have more channels than you? I have. They had G4...which is what we watched. I hung around with my 8-year-old brother and 11-year-old cousin most of the time. My cousin turned into a jerk, which caused me to turn into mega-bitch. I think he hates us now. It's really quite sad what a family vacation can do to people. It really is.

And I had to sleep on the couch. I never get a bed...